Multiple Teams · Cherokee Football Touring Colleges on the Road

For the 7th consecutive season, Head Coach Rob Poulos is taking the Cherokees football program on the road. Once a year, the varsity squad loads up on to planes or busses and heads out to take on a team well beyond the usual pool. This year, Sequoia will take on Rainier HS, of Rainier, Oregon.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for our guys to test themselves against someone they don’t usually play, and they can see what football looks like outside the Peninsula,” said Poulos. “Every year this trip brings us a little bit closer together, and guys understand on a totally different level what it means to play for each other, what we mean when we say that we are a family.”

While on the trip, Poulos also makes sure to carve out time for the players to scope out some local universities. “Most high school athletes will not play in college, but our hope is all will go to college as students,” continued Poulos. “So we prioritize visiting at least two colleges on each trip so they can see some of the options outside of the Bay Area.” The 2016 edition included stops at the University of Oregon at Eugene and Lewis and Clark College in Portland.