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2019 Sequoia HS Cross Country

“Going the distance…”


Welcome to the Sequoia Cross Country (XC) team! Our team is open to all who want to run and be part of a fun and enjoyable sport.  Unlike some sports, we do not cut athletes who show up every day to practice, train consistently, and race. We are looking forward to a fun and successful season.  Distance running is a great activity for both the mind and body and XC is one of the best ways to experience the benefits of distance running while at the same time being part of a supportive team and having fun.  A key factor in your success during the Fall XC season is your Summer Conditioning.  If you join your teammates in Summer Conditioning, you will already be in shape at the start of the XC season, you will be much less likely to suffer an injury, and you will have more fun and success throughout the season.


Summer Conditioning




Your Summer Conditioning workouts will start on June 10th  and will continue until the 1st day of Official Practice on August 14th.  We will meet under the trees in front of the MPR building at 9:00 am Monday to Friday.  We will also hold Saturday morning runs at different locations. The summer conditioning workouts have been planned by the coaching staff and will be led by your team captains, who will help any and all newcomers learn about our program.  Your coaches will attend practice on a regular basis to check in on how your training is going, give advice on diet, recovery, and injuries. In addition, your coaches will run some of the workouts with you!


We have many runs that will take you through Redwood City and San Carlos.  Most runs are loops, but some are “out & back” routes. New runners who have not run more than a couple of miles at a time may find that “out & back” routes are preferred until you get to know the areas where we run. We will also schedule several runs over the course of the summer in some of our beautiful local parks, including Edgewood, Huddart and Arastradero.  


A summer conditioning program has been developed for two levels of runners: those who have run at Sequoia for at least one season of XC; and the runners who are approaching their first XC season. Both programs are based on a gradual increase in mileage and regular “recovery” weeks.  The early summer runs will be shorter than at the end of the summer and the weekly mileage will increase over the course of the summer. The coaches strongly advise you to follow the progression to avoid injuries. We also advise you to listen to your body and modify the training if you are feeling particularly sore or tired.  Some soreness and fatigue is part of being a XC runner, but do not try to run through acute soreness or excessive fatigue.


Our summer conditioning program also includes running drills, strength routines and stretching routines.  We recommend you focus and put a good effort into these ancillary training routines because they will help you become a better, stronger and faster runner and will also help you avoid injury.  ALL TOP RUNNERS DO MORE THAN JUST RUN.


For the new runners we want you to know that these conditioning sessions are strictly voluntary.  We recognize that summer is vacation season, and some of you are lucky enough to get away for a few weeks.  Just remember that if you are at the beach, or a park, there is always a great place for a run. The more miles you log this summer will translate into faster times on the XC course!




Picking one or two 5k races over the course of the summer is a great way to stay motivated and races are the best way to test your fitness.  Our local Redwood City Parade Run on July 4th is a perfect opportunity to get out and race.  For other races check with your teammates or go to:

Cross Training


If you find that you are not recovering from workouts and are feeling too tired to complete the next couple of sessions, please talk to one of the coaches.  We can give you some suggestions for recovery and/or work with you on using different cross training strategies to allow you to continue to gain fitness while resting your running muscles.


Staying Cool


The biggest health risk associated with summer conditioning is heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion occurs when an athletes core temperature reaches an unhealthy level. Signs of heat exhaustion include:


  • You may sweat excessively.
  • You may feel faint, dizzy, weak, or tired.
  • You may have a headache.
  • You may breathe faster than you usually do or feel like your heart is beating faster than normal.
  • You may have muscle cramps.
  • You may have nausea or vomiting.


If you experience any of these symptoms, stop running, find shade and water.  Drink water in a controlled manner (too much water can increase nausea), wet your head, neck and hands with cool water and recover in the shade. If you do not start feeling better quickly, contact a coach or parent.


One of the keys to avoiding heat exhaustion is to run during the cooler mornings on hot days.  If you are running on a hot day, modulate your effort, slow down, and monitor how you are feeling.  If you start feeling anything unusual, slow down even more, or take a walking break.


Another key to avoiding heat exhaustion is to stay hydrated. Always come to practice hydrated.  Staying hydrated does not require excessive consumption of water but as a runner you should always make sure to drink when you are thirsty.  


A final measure to staying cool is to wear running attire that is made of light synthetic material that breaths well and wicks moisture.




The most important equipment for a cross country runner are a good pair of running shoes and socks.  We highly encourage you to buy new shoes and socks for the start of summer conditioning. Two excellent sources for shoes are:


A Runners Mind (ARM)

1111 Howard Avenue, Burlingame

378 Main Street, Los Altos


Road Runner Sports

1125 Industrial Rd, Suite D San Carlos


Both these stores have trained staff who could help you pick an appropriate pair of training shoes and socks.  A Runners Mind will give you a discount when you tell them that you are running for Sequoia. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to select shoes that fit comfortably and are compatible with your running style.  Also please make sure you have enough pairs of socks of a synthetic material (NOT COTTON) that will wick away moisture (i.e., sweat). And wear a clean pair of socks for every workout.


If you want additional input on shoe selection, ask any of the coaches as they are all runners and know a lot about shoe selection.  A final note on shoes: if you cannot afford to buy shoes and socks, please talk to Coach McRae and we will find a way to get you into some new shoes.




If you have any questions regarding the summer training sessions, feel free to contact one of your coaches.


Coach McRae

Coach Derego

Coach Daniel Raggio

Coach Chris Charekian


Team Captains


Helping our coaching staff, are the team captains.  They are tasked with assisting fellow XC athletes, at school and during practices and meets.  They will act as conduits for relaying questions and concerns from any and all team members to the coaching staff.  


Your captains for the 2019 Cross Country season are:


Girls Co-Captains – Sarah Fazio  

Lauren Burt  


Boys  Co-Captains – Thomas Burt   

Alonso Gonzales