Ravens News · Student Athletes, Workouts to Stay in Shape during Shelter in Place!

Unfortunately, as we all know, the COVID-19 is putting sports at all levels on pause for the foreseeable future. One main challenge is how to stay in shape for sports while the gym is closed.

Look no further, we have compiled a great list of at-home workouts, with minimal equipment.

Workout #1

3 sets
3 Sec Pause Squat x10
Hip Bridges x15
Burpees x10
Flutter Kick x50
3 sets
Push-ups x10
Mtn Climbers x50
Plank – 30 sec
Plank row x15 (hold a dumbbell or can of soup for added resistance)
Workout #2
3 sets 
Split Squats x10e
High Knees x50
Leg Lift x15
Flutter kicks x50
3 sets
Band Pull Aparts x25
Squat Jumps x10
Plank Reaches x10e
RDLs x15 (hold a dumbbell or a can of soup)
If you want to find more great workouts, follow:
Christian Hartford: https://www.instagram.com/chartford10/?hl=en
Ben Bruno: https://www.instagram.com/benbrunotraining/?hl=en