Ravens News · Top 5 Sports Movies to Watch During Quarantine

By: Jack Pedrotti


As we all know by now, we are all recommended to stay inside while this outbreak of COVID-19 is controlled. And what better way to stay involved with sports than to watch some of the greatest sports movies of all time on available streaming services. In this article, I will be delving in to my top 5 sports movies to watch during the shelter in place. 


  1. A League of Their Own – Youtube and Amazon Prime Video

A League of Their Own is a classic and inspiring movie. The movie follows a women’s baseball team that was formed during World War II, and their goal to garner attention and respect for their team. It features stars such as Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna. For all baseball fans, this movie is inspiring and interesting, and encourages people to never stop fighting. 


  1. Hoosiers – Hulu (with Starz subscription) and Youtube

Hoosiers follows a small town basketball team in Indiana that has an inspiring journey to the State Championship. What some critics consider to be the greatest sports movie of all time, Hoosiers is able to capture the hearts of anyone watching and instantly became a classic sports movie. Starting 2015, the Indiana Pacers began wearing Hickory jerseys, based on the high school from Hoosiers. This truly encapsulates the influence that Hoosiers has had around America, especially in Indiana. 


  1. Coach Carter – Youtube and Amazon Prime Video

Following Hoosiers I have another classic basketball movie, Coach Carter. Featuring household names such as Channing Tatum and Samuel L. Jackson, Coach Carter is a film that shows the definition of student-athlete. At Richmond High School, in Richmond, California, Coach Carter takes over the basketball team not only with intent to win, but with intent to make every player on the team into a passing student. The movie sees the team go through a roller coaster, improving their record from 4-20 to 18-4. In my opinion, Coach Carter is the greatest basketball movie of all time. 


  1. Remember the Titans – Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+

At number 2 we have the only football movie on this list, Remember the Titans. Remember the Titans takes place in Virginia, where racial tensions are extremely high. This movie shows a team overcoming racial boundaries of the time and uniting as one to make a run at the State Championship. Remember the Titans is one of my favorite sports movies to watch, and I recommend it to football fans and others alike.


  1. Sandlot – Youtube and Amazon Prime Video

Rounding out our list at number 1 we have Sandlot. Sandlot is indisputably the greatest sports film of all time. It is perfect for people of all ages, and has remained popular since it was released in 1993. The movie brings out the inner kid in its viewers, and is the perfect combination of inspiring and funny. 


So, Sequoia community, if you are interested in staying involved in sports, I recommend watching these movies, or the other hundreds of sports movies out there.