Ravens News · Bored During the Quarantine? Here are 8 Things to do With Your Friends Online

Written by Elijah Fletcher

This quarantine might not let you see them in person, but it can’t stop you from having fun with your friends!

  1. First off, you will need to keep in contact with them and what better way to do that than with Discord. Discord is a communication software that focuses on both group calling, messaging and servers. Like Skype but with more features and reliability. You can call your friends as a group, video call, message and even listen to music at the same time. It works on practically any device with an internet connection meaning anyone can get it and it is 100% free. Find it at https://discordapp.com/
  2. Now that you can communicate, why not play a fun game of skribbl. What is skribbl you ask? It is a browser based pictionary game that can support tons of players allowing for crazy games. It is a great game to show off your artistic skills or laugh at an inside joke only you and your friend know as the rest of the players scratch their heads in confusion. You can even add your own words to the list to help (or hurt) your friends. This game is also free at https://skribbl.io/
  3. For those looking for a more action-packed game, try shellshockers. This fun multiplayer game puts you and your friends in control of eggs and pits you against each other in a variety of game modes. Prove that you have the best trigger finger in a 1 on 1 duel or spend all your time sniping, racking up kills as they try to figure out where you are. The game runs pretty well on a chromebook and is family-friendly so anyone can play together and show off their skills. Once again this game is free: https://shellshock.io/
  4. Play games in the group chat. Most people probably have it by now, but for those that don’t, Gamepigeon is a free app that adds various games to iPhone group chats. These games range from darts to cup pong to crazy 8. Most games are only 1 on 1 but some can fit around 8 allowing for intense matches of Uno from your own homes. The app keeps track of your wins and that means you can flex on your friends with your crazy pool skills. It can be downloaded on the app store for iOS devices.
  5. Ever wanted to watch a video together but can’t because you are online? Well now you can with watch2gether. watch2gether is a website that allows you to play Youtube videos with your friends at the same time. It’s just like watching a movie, except you’re all miles apart safe in your own homes. It allows you to create simple 1-time use rooms or permanent rooms that can be customized and changed to match your mood. You don’t even need an account to connect and anyone with a computer can connect. https://www.watch2gether.com/?lang=en
  6. Why not start a Minecraft world? If you remember playing back when you were young, why not start a new game with your friends? Minecraft is $30, however if you already have an account and want to play with friends, the website Aternos is free. It allows you to run a small server that connects you with your friends for whatever you may want to do. Gone are the days of port forwarding or paying $20/month just to run a 3 person server. Now you can have a free server at any time allowing you to explore, create and fight together. https://aternos.org/:en/
  7. Another great game you and your friends can play is the Jackbox Party Pack. The party pack contains tons of fun mini games that range from making shirts to solving puzzles. Only one player needs the game and everyone else can join from their phones or their computers. Players must see the host’s screen and Discord makes this very easy with a screen sharing feature and accessibility to any device. The packs aren’t free but are half off right now making it a great time to pick them up! You can find them here at https://www.jackboxgames.com/games/
  8. Who could forget agar.io? This game was a huge sensation a few years ago and is still popular today. The game has even been updated with new game modes and other features. You and your friends can all fight to be the biggest blob and control the server. It’s a free game that will run on a chromebook and can allow anyone to play. It’s surprisingly challenging and you might have to die a few times to succeed, but the bragging rights you get for eating your friends are worth it. Play it for free at agar.io