Boys Varsity Baseball · Sequoia Baseball 2020 – A Reflection

By Travis Reeves

Heading into this season, we thought it was going to be our best, but it turned out to be the saddest. As we approached the season, Sequoia’s Varsity Baseball team was ready to go. With a tightly knitted team, the boys were ready to make a run for a league title. Starting off the season with a 4-1 record, it looked good for the Ravens baseball team this year. The team was just getting started when the worldwide pandemic broke out and it was heartbreaking for the team. Getting word that the season is over crushed the team, especially the seniors. This whole situation coming upon us so abruptly was one of the hardest parts. The game that was held the week before the closure of the season was the last time some of the team would put on a baseball uniform, but nobody knew. Coach Ryan Hamilton reflected on the events, saying, “My initial reaction was disbelief followed by acceptance and extreme sorrow for our players- especially our seniors. While I agree on what had to be done, I feel so bad that our seniors are missing out on what was, for me, the best memories of school and not getting the last game to close out a chapter in life”. Baseball being taken away from us showed us how much we really love the game. It shows that you should never take any game for granted because it could possibly be your last. Senior infielder Alex Chuang said, “The biggest thing I am going to miss is my team and the memories we are going to miss out on”. As this season made a lot of good stories, we still miss out on the memories and potential league championship. Hopefully, the team can take off where we left off next year and get another championship for the Ravens.