Ravens News · Sports in 2020-21

Today, the Peninsula Athletic League voted to adopt the athletic calendar laid out by the CIF and the CCS.  (See below for the full calendar.). While we would have loved to find a way to play some sports this fall, the current health situation does not allow us to move forward with league competition.

The usual three seasons of sport have been compressed into two seasons, with a targeted start date of Dec 14th for the sports in Season 1.  This year will clearly look very different than it has in the past, with many sports being played out of their usual timeframe.  Because of that, the state, section, and league have voted to temporarily suspend Rule 600 which prohibits athletes from playing on a club team and a school team (for the same sport) at the same time.  The PAL also voted to suspend the rule that prohibits athletes from playing multiple sports in the same season.  There are still a lot of questions to be answered and a lot of plans to be made, but know that we are making these decisions with the student-athletes first in our minds.  Our hope is that conditions will improve so we can offer our kids a good high school sports experience this year.

Our summer conditioning sessions are coming to an end, and we are working on plans for what the fall will look like.  CIF has determined that schools can continue with summer-like activity as long as local conditions allow.  We hope to have more information on that soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Athletic Director, Melissa Schmidt:  mschmidt@seq.org.

2020‐21 CCS Sports Calendar as of July 21, 2020
Season 1 Practice Start First Day of Contests Section Final
Cross Country 12/14/20 12/28/20 3/20/21
Field Hockey 12/14/20 12/28/20 3/20/21
Football 12/14/20 1/8/20 4/10/21
Water Polo 12/14/20 12/28/20 3/13/21
Volleyball (boys and girls) 12/14/20 12/28/20 3/13/21
Season 2 Practice Start First Day of Contests Section Final
Badminton 2/22/21 3/8/21 5/22/21
Soccer 2/22/21 3/8/21 5/29/21
Tennis-Team 2/22/21 3/8/21 5/29/21
Tennis-Individual 2/22/21 3/8/21 TBD
Swimming & Diving 3/8/21 3/22/21 5/29/21
Wrestling 3/15/21 3/29/21 6/5/21
Basketball 3/15/21 3/29/21 6/12/21
Baseball 3/15/21 3/29/21 6/19/21
Boys Golf 3/15/21 3/29/21 6/8/21
Girls Golf 3/15/21 3/29/21 6/9/21
Lacrosse 3/15/21 3/29/21 6/17/21
Softball 3/15/21 3/29/21 6/19/21
Track & Field 3/15/21 3/29/21 6/19/21
Traditional Comp Cheer N/A N/A 4/3/21
Gymnastics TBD TBD TBD
Comp. Sport Cheer TBD TBD TBD