Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Boys Varsity Lacrosse · Meet the Sequoia Boys Lacrosse Team!

By: Asha Smith, Audrey Blanchard, Jack Pedrotti, Jake Loskutoff, Julian Imperiale, and Lily Hughes

On August 28th, Jack Pedrotti sat down with members of the boys lacrosse team to do an interview about the sport and its role in the Sequoia community. The interviewees were Mark diTargiani, who is entering his fourth year as the coach of the team, Eli Goulden, a four year player at Sequoia, and Jake diTargiani, one of the captains of the team.

Question 1: How does sportsmanship play a role in boys lacrosse?

Mark diTargiani said sportsmanship plays an especially big role in lacrosse because of its indigenous roots. He says the game has a history of honoring the creator and as a way for people to heal. “That idea of spirituality has always been part of the game and that ties over into today’s game, where sportsmanship is a big part of it,” he stated.

Question 2: What have you guys been doing during shelter in place to stay active and conditioned?

Eli Goulden explained how he has been “out shooting” and “hitting the wall” (playing catch in lacrosse terms). In order to stay conditioned, he has been doing “some workouts but not the most”. Jake diTargiani also has been keeping himself conditioned by attending a summer league, however thinks that at this point in time, competitive lacrosse should be left behind and while the pandemic is still in occurrence, that it is more important to keep the team together and have fun.

Question 3:  How do you bond as a team?

The boys lacrosse team has a variety of ways as to how they bond as a team. Coach diTargiani says a lot of where he sees his students bonding is during the Lacrosse bus rides when they play music. Eli said that doing other sports activities unrelated to lacrosse helps build more memories with your team creating a stronger bond with them.  A couple of other examples are having team dinners, and practicing lacrosse together.  These are all of the ways the Varsity Lacrosse team uses to bond as a team.

-team dinners

-activities that aren’t lacrosse

-in offseason just practicing lacrosse together

-bonding through the bus rides

Question 4: In what ways has being a part of the boys lacrosse team shaped your Sequoia experience?

Eli explains how he came into freshman year with a small circle of friends he knew in middle school. When he finally decided to join the lacrosse team, he met so many new people which became a solid, friendly community that he could reach out to in any time of need. Goulden describes how being a part of the lacrosse team has helped him feel very included all throughout the Sequoia community. Jake diTargiani agreed with Eli and elaborated on how being a part of the team has created strong bonds that you can’t have with just any classmate. The chemistry and the relationships within the team have really highlighted the unaliyi that Sequoia has. These are all ways that have shaped their Sequoia experience while playing for the boys lacrosse team. 

Question 5: What are you looking forward to as you approach your senior seasons, and Coach what are you looking forward to for the future of this program?

Eli Goulden says that he’s ready to come back strong for his senior year and make up for the cancellation of last season, and he’s looking forward to having a great time playing the sport he loves in his final high school year.  Like Eli, Jake DiTargiani is also looking forward to playing the sport he loves and is hoping to go on a playoff run in his final year.  Coach Mark DiTargiani is looking forward to not only bringing in guys who have experience and have played for a while, but bringing in kids who haven’t played and make to sequoia a place for them to start their lacrosse career and pursue their full potential

The interview is featured in Episode 2 of Sequoia’s weekly news show “That’s So Raven”, which can be found at this link