Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Coach Poulos on Football and Life

By:  Lucas Ziegler and Baxter Joslin-Davis

During the week 2 interview, Lucas and Baxter interviewed Coach Poulos, the head P.E and football coach. Lucas and Baxter started off the interview by asking what important life skills football teaches you. Coach Poulos responded with, “Perseverance; the time you have to put into football is pretty dramatic compared to other sports.” The second question asked was, “How does playing football build one’s character?”, to which Coach responded with, “Football requires this sacrifice and this concept of group that you don’t always see in other sports.” Building on the previous question, Lucas and Baxter asked, ”How do you think your players and other students can relate to these skills?” and “Would you say there’s a sense of community in the football team?” His response included how football is a very big commitment and teaches players responsibility. It is a good opportunity for the players to learn how to be hardworking and how to work with a team. He also talked about what next season was going to look like and how they would hopefully be able to start practice in the fall. Overall, he emphasized how football is an amazing program and how the Man Up Program, which is a program used to teach the young men on the team how to be respectful and active members in their community, has been a great addition to Sequoia football.

You can see the interview in the Sequoia news here: