Girls Junior Varsity Water Polo, Girls Varsity Volleyball · Girls Waterpolo Interveiw

This past week as seen in the student news, SNN, Ruthie Lax interviewed  Hailey Amato, girls varsity and junior varsity waterpolo coach. As well as two varsity starters, Anja Linkwitz and Caitlin Dulsky. Ruthie asked them a series of questions about the team and experiences and learning opportunities. Coach Amato talked about how being a Waterpolo Coach at Sequoia has further progressed her skills in leading and teaching the sport. She brought up points about the change in scenery for her, instead of being in the pool she is on deck. As well as how interacting with Sequoias team and players has given her better planing skills and a new look and mindset in the game. Overall she says it has helped her understand the game better after playing her whole life, a new communication style and a new perspective and outlook. Anja talks about how she has developed her communication skills through being involved in a team sport instead of an individual sport, she has been a swimmer her whole life. She has also developed stronger leadership skills and feels she has been able to use them in and out of the water. Caitlin loves Waterpolo and mentions how taxing the sport is. She has and has seen other players developed their leadership skills further through cheering and supporting each other to keep up that endurance and stay motivated in the game. Overall this interview was an informative experience and insight into how Sequoia Athletics and sports, specifically Waterpolo have aided the development of leadership skills and learning important life skills.

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