Baseball Fundraising

Sequoia Baseball Fundraising

We establish a goal for every player in our program to bring in $500 through various fundraising channels. This money goes 100% directly back into our program.


Ways to meet $500 fundraising goal


  • Direct Donations
    1. Utilize hard copy/soft copy letter from Coach Uhalde
    2. Send out to friends/family members like it is snapraise/eteam type fundraiser
    3. We can accept checks and online credit card payments
  • Sell ad space to local businesses
    1. Businesses may purchase ad space in our end of year program, banners on the new outfield wall, etc.
    2. No amount is too large or too small
  • Sign Up Players for the Sequoia Golf Tournament
    1. Tentative Date, May 19, 2007
    2. Players receive $50 credit for each player they sign up
  • Sign up children for the Sequoia Summer Academy
    1. Players receive $100 credit for each camper they sign up
    2. Coach Uhalde must be notified that a player needs to be credited
  • Trivia Night (Pending, if I can get some people to help me plan